Since I spend so much time on the Internet, It thought it might be useful to share some of my knowledge about things like:

* Another nice Gmail feature
* Extra cash.
* New Google Stuff
* Locking and Protecting Tabs while browsing the Internet
* Resolve business disputes (consumer to business)
* Free Virus Scan
* Twoogle (search Twitter and Google at the same time)
* Add images directly to email with Gmail
* Using Gmail for task management
* Google Voice (free phone number, voice mail and more)
* Tech Guy Radio Show (also online)
* Free Online Meetings
* Online Job Search
* Online Degree Study
* Email Marketing
* Twitter
* Voice Based Expense Reporting by Phone
* Stock Trading Tips with Twitter

As I discover new items I'll add them to this page.

Gmail Priority Index.  It love the Gmail priority inbox. It's like a reverse SPAM filter. It automatically pulls out your most important email and puts it at the top in a special priority section.  Google even cheers you when you read and archive all of your important email. You can teach Gmail what is important and guarantee that certain kinds of email will always be marked important. Gmail is so good I can't believe some people are still not using it.

Extra cash for your pocket. Take online surveys and make a little extra cash.

New Google Stuff -- Google is giving out Google Voice invitations theses days after a 18 month hiatus.  Apples (one of our members, got an invitation!) Listen to voice mail in email. With Gmail and Google Voice, you can listen to your voice mail directly in Gmail and also view a transcription of the voice mail. You can also have a text message of your voice mail sent to your cell phone. YouTube -- if somebody sends you a link to a a YouTube video, you can watch it directly in your email without having to go to To use these advanced features, click settings in Gmail and then click Labs. Next, you need to enable the feature and then scroll down and click save

Locking and Protecting Tabs. Firefox is a great browser with oodles of features that can added. You can Lock and Protect tabs associated with your favor websites. See:

Resolve Business Disputes. 
In Sacramento, call Kurtis, 916-374-1343 see to see some cases they have helped solve.

Free Virus Scan at This is a free virus scan I highly recommend. It's also recommended by other geeks, like Leo Laporte. It finds and removes viruses, but the free version doesn't protect you against future infections. If you want, you can upgrade and get full protection at a very low cost compared to other anti-virus programs. I was very impressed with technical support, which will respond to your questions even before you buy the pro version.
Learn more at
Here's a good way to search booth Google and Twitter at the same time. Twitter is becoming more and more popular and can help you enhance your network, perhaps faster than Google can. Both have their value. It's useful to search both at the same time.  For tips on analyzing and improving your network, see my blog networking success.

You can now add an image
directly in your email using Gmail.
An image, like the arrow above, can now be
inserted directly in Gmail using the new
"insert image" feature. To do this in Gmail,
click "Settings." Then click "Labs" and scroll
down to "Inserting Images."  Click enable.
Then be sure to click "Save Changes."

Using Gmail for Task Management

I reallly like the new Task Management feature in Gmail. To enable it, click Settings. Then
Labs Scroll down to tasks and click enable.
Then scroll to the bottom of the the window and click save settings.

"Tasks adds a to-do list to Gmail. After adding the lab, click the Tasks link above the chat box on the left-hand-side of the page. Your task list will appear on the right – click anywhere in the list and start typing to add a task.

You can also create a task from an email: from the More Actions menu, choose Add to Tasks when viewing an email, or press shift+T if you have keyboard shortcuts enabled. For more shortcuts, explore the Actions menu at the bottom of your task list"

Google Voice
Google has a wonderful free phone service. Among other things, it can transcribe messages left on voice mail, so you can read them in email!  It's not available to everyone yet, but now is to apply!  I am currently using it and it works great. All long distance calls in the USA are free! I recently called Japan it worked great!  Cost was 20 cents for a 10 minute call.  Actually, this call was free, because Google gave me a credit of $1 as an incentive to get me started making international calls.

Apply for your Google Voice account by clicking here. It will be available to the general public soon.

Tech Radio Show
Leo Laporte has an interesting tech radio show you can listen to and keep up with the latest tech developments.  He's been doing it since 1991.  You can listen online or review show notes at:

Free Online Meetings with Mikogo!
With Mikogo you can instantly show your computer screen to anyone online. You can meet with a small group online for free.  It works like this: you can give a presentation on your computer and up to 10 others can follow along remotely and see exactly what appears on your screen.  This is great for training friends or business partners or contacts and the price is right. I've tried Mikogo and it worked quite well. To learn more, click here to visit

Online Job Search provides Job Search News,Resources, Search for jobs by zipcode. Look for the What? and Where? input boxes on the right side of the screen.

Online Degree Study
Florida Tech Online looks promising. You can earn a nationally recognized undergraduate degree or graduate degree from a traditional university – 100% online. See:

Email Marketing. If you have your own business and need to send out email to your customers or prospective clients, a very good system is GetResponse If you already have an email list, it is often possible to upload the list without the need for another "opt-in." Click here to learn more about GetResponse.

Twitter. Twitter is a simple fun system for staying in contact with your friends or business associates. It can also be used to market your business. The trick with twiiter is to "follow" others who have similar interests. Many of them will then follow you and you can help each other. My twitter ID is pguild -- short for Professionals Guild, the name of my company. You can learn more and join twitter by clicking here. It's free.

MrTweet. Once you start using twitter, I recommend you follow MrTweet. There is a useful website called
This site will help you find relevant people to follow and find followers. You can improve your use of twitter by reviewing usage statistics.

Expense Reporting is a useful and currently free website for keeping track of your expenses. You can even record expenses by phone using something called Dial2Do --see bekiw. Record expenses by Email, iPhone, SMS, Voice, Twitter, or IM. That's a great way to capture cash expenses that might otherwise slip away. You know how hard it is to keep track of all those little receipts! Think of the money you'll save by recording all your expenses. lets you do common tasks by just calling a number and speaking. You can use it with your cell phone to send EMAIL or TEXT messages, record REMINDERS to help you remember things, post updates to your TWITTER or JAIKU stream and LISTEN to your favourite internet content. It's easy and handsfree...
Dial2Do is currently free, but I imagine in the future they might start charging for it or for some add on features.
I tested dial2do and it worked great. I registered and then called the dial2do number and said, "Reminder" and then dictated a few reminders using my cell phone. The reminders then appeared online and looked like this:

It seems the idea is to come back to the Dial2Do website and check your "to do" list and delete the items after you've finished them. You can listen to the recording you've made if necessary. The transcription of the short reminders I made was perfect, but I know it won't always be that good, so it's nice to be able to listen to the recording when needed. The reminders will also be sent to the email address you gave when you first signed up.

I tried the email feature and it worked great. I sent an email by speaking into my cell phone and dial2do transcribed everything with 100% accuracy. Amazing.

Expense Reporting

If you already have a dial2do account:

- create an Xpenser account ( )
- log in to your dial2do account and click "Add more commands". Add
the Xpenser command and follow the instructions.

If you don't already have a dial2do account:

- create an Xpenser account ( )
- go to the Account page ( ) and click the Add button for Dial2Do.

Once everything above is set up, set up a speed dial button to dial the dial2do phone number. Then you can say "Xpenser" when you are asked what you want to do. Then dictate your expense into the phone, like "Lunch Business Meeting with Tom to discuss advertising program, Oliver Gardan, $25.00.

Stocktrading tips via Twitter
I enjoy seeing comments about stocktrading roll by at
I was alerted to the idea that the market would be likely to rally in anticipation of change in financial accounting rules. (Week starting Monday 3/9/09).

Copyright, 2009, Philip Seyer

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