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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) with answers to help you make the most of this website. Call Phil, creator of ProGuildSocial, if you have questions. 925-888-4392 or 916-772-7555/

Why did you start ProGuildSocial.com? I started ProGuildSocial because I saw a need for people to connect and make friends as well as search for romantic partners for dating. People were calling me and wondering if I could help organize a car pool to various events. I started ProGuildSocial.com to help facilitate room sharing and car pooling as well as to help people make new friends. My vision is that ProGuildSocial will not just be another online dating website but a place where singles and couples can find fun things to do, network, make new friends and even promote their small businesses. Many (not all) people are available for dating and you can see whether they are available by reading their profiles.
Can couples and singles co-exist peacefully?  I think so. Couples tell me they enjoy the energy at our parties. Some couples comment "singles really know how to party!" Many single ladies have told me they like it that couples are welcome because the parties are more natural and less lot like singles pick-up bar. They like it that they can invite their couple friends to come along with them to a party. 

Searching for Members. One of the really nice things about ProGuildSocial is that you can search for friends based on common interests. Click Members on the main menu. Then click Advanced Search. Scroll down to the Favorite Hobbies/Interests area and type something like "hiking" or "bowling" or "dancing" or "photography" and so on. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Search.

Is a Photo Required for Membership.  Yes, we now require all new members to upload a picture of themselves. This will make our network so much more interesting. Who wants to look a bunch of gray, non-descript profile images. Please check your photo after uploading it.  You can do this by clicking on "My Page." If your photo doesn't look right, you can edit it and reupload it. A useful websit for this is http://www.picnik.com/

How can I send a private messages to other members. To send a message to some who looks interesting, start by clicking on their picture. Then click the "Invite to Be a Friend" button. You can send a personal message along with your invitation. Once the other person excepts your invitation, you can start exchanging private messages by visiting your friend's page and clicking "send message."  Here's a video that explains how to send prviate messages to other Bay Are and Scaramento singles.
Are comments private?.  No. You can leave a comment for anyone; just be aware that your comment will be there for all to see. Be sure to keep all comments positive. Negative, flaming comments are not acceptable at ProGuildSocial!
Can I create my own blog or event?  Yes, you can create your own blog or event if you like.  Please don't create a blog or event that will promote a business that is in competition with ProGuildSocial.com or Professionals Guild..

Can I promote my business? Yes, just don't over do. If you would like to upload 3 to 5 photos promoting your business, that would be fine.  You can also put up blogs now and then.  If you would like to work together with us and host an event, please contact us about this and we can work out a win/win plan for mutual success. We can email info. about your event to tens of thousands of people! Call Phil at 925-888-4392 or 916-772-7555. Success through co-operation!
Why is ProGuildSocial Free? ProfGuildSocial is free because we don't want to make money from our website. ProGuildSocial  is an added value to those attending our monthly parties and our New Years Eve Extravaganzes. Our vision for ProGuildSocial is to offer a full featured online social networking website that enables local singles to connect, make new friends and find partners for friendship, dating, romance, and maybe even more -- a soul mate connection.
Couples are also welcome to join so they can keep up with the events we are hosting and also make new friends. We don't charge for our website, and we won't slip in extra charges later to you for using our basic membership. ProGuildSocial will always be free to you. Our business model is to provide outstanding service to you online with this website with the vision that you will enjoy coming to our monthly parties so you can meet people face-to-face and not just face-to-screen. We invite other small businesses to work with us and provide a wide rich variety of goods and services.
Is there a required membership fee? No, there is no required membership fee. A dues paying membership is optional and gives you discounts on parties. For example if the normal cover at the door is $25, the cover for you as a dues paying member is generally just $15. For the New Years Eve party the discount for members is generally $15 off the regular price. 
If I want to be a dues paying member, how much are the dues?   The dues are only $59 for 18 months!
Can I change my screen name?  Sure. Just click settings after you login. 
Can I change my profile photo? Yes. Click settings after you login and look for the Profile Photo option. For more details, click here to see this instructional video on how to change your profile photo.

Can I search for people who have common interests. Yes. Click Members. Then click Advanced Search. Enter something like, say, "hiking" (or whatever your interest is) in the "hobbies/interests" area and click search.

Why are some people's heads chopped off in their profile photo?  For uniformity all photos have to be square. The system automatically grabs the middle part of the photo that you upload, if the image is not square. Iif this happens to you, we suggest you edit your photo with http://www.picnik.com/
If you edit your photo so it show a square image, a portrait from neck or shoulders up, the photo should look fine.
What's the average age of people attending parties?  This varies a lot from party to party, but most people are 25 up and in their 30's, 40's and 50's -- with some older and some younger! We pride ourselves on having a wonderful mix of people of all ages. Please don't complain about seeing too many wrinkles or conversely hearing too much "young" music. We are not a singles bar and we cater mainly to upscale, single professionals or all ages. Couples are also welcome at our parties. Couples need an elegant place to party, too.
How many people attend your events.  We cannot guarantee how many people will show up, but generally about 200 to 500 attend our main parties. Our Singles Expos generally have about 500 people attending. Some events like tango dance lessons have 12 to 20 people in the lesson and 75 to 100 people at the party afterwards. Some smaller meetups like a midweek coffee chat or museum tour with a bite to eat afterward may have a dozen or so people. House parties generally have 50 to 108 people. 

Backgrounds, wine, and nature adventures have about a dozen friendly hikers.

Soiree events (evening gatherings at art galleries) have about 25 to 50 people.

New Years Eve parties generally have more than 1000 attending! Our hotel rooms generally sell out in advance of New Years so it is best to get your New Years Eve room and ticket reservations early! Some people had to book a room at a nearby hotel and be shuttled over to the "sister hotel" because they waited too long.. 
Both large and small parties have their advantages. In a smaller party, you have more time to talk and get to know people better. In a larger party, you have a wider selection of people to choose from. Don't always be so concerned about how many people are at the party!  Just go to have a good time and discover the truth! Remember, it only takes one. If the turn out at an event is small, don't whine and complain, saying nobody is here.  For one thing that's rude. For another, Mr. or Mz. right could walk in just after you leave.
Is everyone single?  No, but most are. Some couples do enjoy coming to our parties because, as they say, "singles know how to PARTY!"  Some married ladies or gentlemen enjoy coming to our parties because they enjoy getting out of the house and they enjoy the atmosphere at our parties. It is not our policy to screen everyone in a rigid manner and insist that everyone must be single. Couples are welcome even though are parties are intended mainly for singles. 
As far as online membership goes, some members of ProGuildSocial have joined because they are business people who have something interesting to offer to singles. A good example is Jeannine Kaiser, who is a dating coach and who offers Soul Mate Quest Seminars. Please keep an open mind and know that most people are single, but some are not. When it doubt, just ask.   
Do you play rap music? Hmm. Yes, well, if the music has a tune -- that is, if it has decent rhythm, melody and harmony, yes.  We do not play tuneless, unintelligible or violent or obscene rap, though, so if that is what you want to hear, we suggest you try some bar that specializes in that mind of music. ProGuildSocial is an alternative to the usual singles bar. We play mainly "old school" funk, soul, disco, and rock n' roll for dancing and smooth jazz earlier in the evening. To check the music we play click music/listen from the main menu.
Party Rules

"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." (A rule from Maria, the founder of Professionals Guild.) This rule also applies to comments made online.
No standing alone against the wall. Those who violate this rule, will be fined $10 for excessive shyness. :)
No whining or complaining.  If you don't like the music being played make a respectful request of the DJ for a specific tune. Do your home work. Click music/listen from the main menu and submit some song requests. Otherwise, stay home and listen to your own music!
Women are encouraged to ask men to dance.  Geez. This is the 21st century. We do not have any "ladies choice" dances, because it is always the ladies choice as well as the men choice in whom to ask to dance. 
If you connect, always find a way to reconnect.  Do not call us saying, "I met a nice person at the party, but I didn't get his/her number, can you give me their number? If you are shy about giving our your number, then give out your unique ProGuildSocial ID and you can connect on ProGuildSocial! 
Discover the Truth. If you feel you have made a connection with someone, discover the truth about whether the other person is interested in reconnecting. Don't be shy! Discover the truth!  (I'll never forget the beautiful lady I met on BART one day and how she looked at me longingly as she said "I'm getting off now" at the Rockridge Station. I didn't get her phone number or even ask for it.  How stupid of me!  Was my journey on to Concord so important? Could I not have gotten off the train with her? She was obviously interested in me, but I was too shy, too slow in reacting. Don't let this happen to you. Let your goal be to discover the truth. Then you can't fail.
Warmest regards,
Phil Seyer
Director, ProGuildSocial.com
Please let me know your thoughts.
Phone: 925-888-4392

Last updated by Phil Dec 10, 2010.

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