For Single Men Only -- How to Make a Woman Jealous

This post is clearly for men.  But Ladies, if you read it, and it stirs up your blood,
please feel free to leave a reply if you like and let us know your thoughts!

Why Make a Woman Jealous?

Keep in mind that the goal of making a woman jealous: to develop a closer bond with her, so she does not take you for granted, so that she does not stray from you side and pursue others. The goal is not to laugh inside at how you are hurting her. The goal is to convince her that you are special and deserve her attention. 

These tips are for men who have a girl friend or perhaps a woman friend who is a potential girlfriend. The advise is intended to help you take your relationship to the next level.

Be sure to go easy with this advice.  It may backfire and may not work at all.
These are just some ideas for you to explore.  Don't take them at face value and use this approach unthinkingly!

If you do this wrong, it could push the woman of your dreams away instead of making her jealous.
I've warned you. So with that in mind lets continue.

1) Stop focusing so much on her. You've got to be happy without her; don't be dependent!  Don't be forever thinking about her. Think about your stuff, not her and her stuff for a while.  Think about and get involved with:

  • Your Friends
  • Your hobbies
  • Your other goals -- besides relationship goals.
  • Your work
  • Your spiritual side
  • Your family

Don't be needy. On the flipside, don't neglect your relationship. Don't spend so much time on other things that she feels neglected. 

2) Set some personal improvement goals. Constantly work on yourself to make yourself more attractive with exercise, new skills, new knowledge, new and better clothes. Don't let a potential long term gal turn you into a dork by buying you unattractive, uncool clothes. So....

  • Get good haircuts
  • Some great looking shoes
  • Coats
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Take some dance lessons (it worked for me years ago when I was first learning to dance!)
  • Visit a mental health counselor or dating coach and work on yourself -- you'll be unstoppable.

Your girlfriend may then start noticing that other women are finding you attractive. Don't go overboard; you don't want to make her uncontrollably jealous!  That could ruin your chances.

3) Take care of other women (in an non-romantic way)

Do you have a few casual woman friends?  Women that you are not romantically involved with, but friends with?
If not, cultivate such friendships as soon as possible. Then from time to time go out of your way to help them out -- again not with the intention to getting laid, but with the intention of showing genuine friendship to another human being.

This could drive your potential girlfriend wild!  Just make sure you do not get involved sexually and or become physically intimate with these other women. Stay loyal to your potential girlfriend as long as you think she is the one for you. It's all about the balance!

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