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Since Professionals Guild is now throwing 3 New Year's Eve parties, I realized that I must be more than organizedI've got to be super organized.  To help me do this I've been reading the tips from an organization called "Get Organized Now."  In future blogs I'll be sharing some of these tips.  But in the meantime you may want to take a look at the Get Organized Now Website.  I think it is really useful. You can visit their site by clicking here or on the blue button below.



I think most of us would like to be super organized. Unless we carry it to an extreme (like my Ex-Girlfriend), it can't hurt and will certainly help to make life brighter.  After all, we'll save money on taxes, perform better on the job, get more things done, and avoid SNAFUs.

My Ex couldn't walk by a couch without fluffing up the pillows to ensure they looked just right. Once she volunteered to "organize" my living room. I agreed and she began to work like a little beaver with great delight. When she was finished, the place looked great, but I couldn't find anything!

But I digress.  To help myself, get super organized, I am studying the subject and writing about it. When you write about something, it changes the way you think!  I'll be sharing tips I learn from my studies as well as some of my own original insights. 



Reminders are a great way to stay organized.  A old-fashioned ticker file can be helpful in this way. It's not exactly high techc but it helps you organize papers that you need to deal with in the future. It might be a series of folders numbered 1 through 31 -- there is one slot or one folder for each day of the week. Ideally there is also a series of folders labeled Jan -- through December.  You can make a ticket file system like yourself or buy one ready made. 

Lets say you need to look at a specific paper on December 3.  File it in the folder labeled December.  Then when December rolls around, you take out all the papers in that folder and put them in the appropriate numerical slot or file folder. Here's what one ticker system looks like:

Click here for more info about this and related tickler systems

I used to have a Tickler File that had a hole in the center. The great thing about this was that you could look or stick your finder into the hole to find the next item needing attention. I recently bought a tickler system, but it had no such hole, so I cut one myself. See the photo below.

Here's a video that goes into even more detail on how to create your own tickler system.


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