Here are 2 more common Singles' "Relationship Sabotagosis" Bugs.  Do you have them?

“Termination Grief Minusis” – This is thought to be a common mutation of Relationship Overlaposis - It involves beginning a new relationship without taking sufficient time to grieve the loss of the old one. 

SYMPTOMS similar to Overlaposis, confusing the old partner with the new one. 

SIDE EFFECTS include Relapsing of old issues in new relationship and arguing, blaming, withdrawing, avoiding.

PROGNOSIS: As in Overlaposis, often terminal, most succumbing within 2 years. 

PREVENTION includes working through the grief, saying Goodbye, letting go of both the good and bad, so that the ghosts of the past don’t haunt the present.
“Lacko Purpositis” – This is not clearly defining your own life purpose, dreams, goals, values, relationship requirements, needs and wants. 

SYMPTOMS include not having a clearly developed, mature identity, causing your relationship to always be hollow and shallow, because you are. 

SIDE EFFECTS: You are really two halves trying to become a whole, merely looking to the other partner to fill in the gaps and complete you.  

PROGNOSIS:  Poor, with partners either leading parallel lives or creating unhealthy dependency upon each other. 

PREVENTION includes defining your life purpose, your goals, values, dreams, relationship requirements, needs and wants so that you become The Chooser in the relationship.

***Check back in a few days for the remaining 2 Relationship bugs!

Carol A. Anderson, MFT is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in both helping Singles find their Dream Relationship and helping Couples create it.  To learn more about Carol or to find out about her Singles' Workshops in Santa Cruz, Shaver Lake or San Francisco, please visit her website at

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